Saturday, January 16, 2010

My first posting

My daughter-in-law has inspired me to create my own blog. Not sure how often I'll be updating this, but I think it will be a fun adventure :)

What will I put on my blog? Hummmmm, I could keep you all up-to-date on my new task of co-chairman of the 'store' for the Campbell Historical Museum and Ainsley House. I came up with the idea to take old historical photographs of the downtown, Ainsley House and water tower, have greeting cards and gift tags made to sell at the museum store. It was a big hit and we sold alot during the holidays. Here is a sample of the items.

The Carriage House store needed some TLC and complete re-arranging. Of course when you look back and say to yourself "Why didn't I take before and after pictures" its too late! However I can take photos of what it looks like now (I hope to add it to my post soon).

I knew in my mind how I wanted to re-do the area that is designated for the store, so on Saturday morning I decided to give my husband breakfast in bed. Well little did I realize that what I was really doing was preparing him to come with me to the Carriage House to work. Yep, we went over and he agreed with me on what I wanted to do with the space.

We ended up taking out a long metal rack and bringing it home to spray paint a cream color (it was dark green and did not stand out against the dark wood walls). So instead of doing things around our house, he spent the afternoon spray painting the metal shelf. By Sunday morning I had a list all made and ready to go to Michaels for decorating items, then back to the Carriage House with repainted shelf, vacuum cleaner, ladder, etc. etc. My husband was so wonderful to help. I loved every minute completely re-displaying everything.

So this has been a long-time dream of mine to have an outlet to satisfy my creative side (other than decorating my home or working with my husband on his projects). Oh yes, I've sewn lots of things for family and friends, but never expanded to an actual business selling my items. I love decorating and sewing, so someday will share some of the items I've made (later posts). My daughter has always told me I needed to start my own cottage industry. Being co-chairman for the museum store is now that outlet for me. I'm excited and scared all at the same time.

Thanks for reading my first posting and I hope you will enjoy coming back to visit me now and then.